16 Best Under-$500 Luxury Watches From Citizen

We all want to look expensive and luxurious, right? If you’re a 20-something like me, though, you might not have thousands of dollars to spare. But investing in an under-$500 watch from Citizen? That’s something my wallet and I can get behind. Its watches have this air of elegance that makes them the perfect accessory for acing the quiet-luxury aesthetic. The best part is that you really only need one signature timepiece. (But I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to grab a few styles to match different looks.) I also love that nearly all of the watches in the collection are solar-powered because let’s face it—I don’t have the time or desire to replace batteries. Whether you’re in the market for one or three of these sustainable watches, I’ve curated the best quiet-luxury timepieces for any style or mood.

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